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God's Plan by Noel Bertrand George, Jr.

God's Plan -- The Woman You Gave Me
by Noel Bertrand George, Jr.
(Lynne M. George's Brother)

About the Book:   God's Plan does not suggest that I (Noel) was or am perfect.  Early in my youth, I was way off-track toward my thinking of God.  I thirsted and started searching for God and began to seek Him for guidance.  God answered my prayers when I surrounded my will and started learning more about Him through Bible study.

God placed this on my heart--a book which is based on us faithfully living through the Bible--and a book I pray that my son and my daughter would reference to learn of God's ways and fnot fall into the traps of the devil.  Initially, this book was solely intended for my children, and generations to come, to let them know that they could have a great relationship with God and, in turn, they can have a great relationship with others.  

About the Authors:  Noel and Debbie (Guidry) George were born and raised in Houma, Louisiana.  They lived on opposite ends of Terrebonne Parish, but occasionally ran across each other's paths.  As destiny would have it, they both had a deep personal relationship with God and a commitment to family.  They later found that life, within itself, was too short; therefore, it would be the only true thing that mattered, and with God all the other stuff would fall into place.  God had blessed them with health, strength and knowledge to accomplish whatever is set before them.  They appreciate and acknowledge God for what He has done and what He continues to do in their lives.

Noel is one of four authors in the George family:  Sadie Lewis George/Separate But UnEqual--Black Education and Life During Jim Crow in Terrebonne Parish [Noel's Mother]; [Noel's two siblings--Lynne and Melody, respectively] Lynne Marie George/Brandon's Window--A Grandmother's Documentary of Reversing Autism Naturally; and Melody George (fka Melody George Peterson)/Life Is Worth Living--A Journal of Poetic Expressions and Reflections of Life.  See links for additional information on respective books.


Author's Information:

Noel Bertrand George, Jr.
P.O. Box 1617
Gray, Louisiana 70359

Email:  [TO COME]  


To purchase God's Plan:

Visit:  http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/gods-plan--the-woman-you-gave-me/6569763

ISBN: 978-0-557-40174-1

$15.99 (Print)

$6.49 (Download)

Pages:  71 (Paperback)