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"SEPARATE BUT UNEQUAL" by Sadie Lewis George



Separate But Unequal -- Black Education and Life During Jim Crow In Terrebonne Parish
by Sadie Lewis George
(Lynne M. George's Mom)

About the Book:   Separate But UnEqual is a chronological account of the unfair treatment of Black citizens in the Terrebonne Parish system during a vast portion of the Jim Crow era.  This extensive compilation of research materials includes many historical events that I vicariously experienced through my grandparents, parents and my very own personal journey--candid information that gave me a burning desire to reveal the unjust laws placed upon the Black citizens of Terrebonne Parish.

About the Author:  Sadie Lewis George was born, reared, and resided in Houma, Louisiana, during  a portion of the Jim Crow era.  She personally experienced many of the injustices of that oppressive period.

Sadie received her elementary education from Houma Colored Elementary, then her high school education from Houma Colored High School (Naval Base) and Southtown High School (Church Street).

She received her B.A. degree from Dillard University and her M.Ed from Nicholls State University.  She worked over 20 years in the Terrebonne Parish School system, and later became Master Teacher at the Terrebonne Parish Teen Parent Center.

Sadie is the mother of three authors:  Lynne Marie George/Brandon's Window--A Grandmother's Documentary of Reversing Autism Naturally; Noel B. George Jr./God's Plan--The Woman You Gave Me; and Melody George (fka Melody George Peterson)/Life Is Worth Living--A Journal of Poetic Expressions and Reflections of Life.  See links for additional information on respective books.


Author's Information:

Sadie Lewis George
P.O. Box 1617
Gray, Louisiana 70359

Email:  sadielewisgeorge@yahoo.com


To purchase Separate But Unequal:

Visit:  http://stores.lulu.com/SeparateButUnequal

ISBN: 978-0-557-39923-9

$29.99 (Print)

$12.99 (Download)

Published:  2010

Pages:  188