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Brandon and AJ SYMPTOMS Before and After the Brandon's Window GAPS Protocol

Brandon before Detox (5 years and 4 months).  On and before April 2008, Brandon:

1.  Could not communicate (nonverbal until age 5 years and 4 months)

2.  Could not process understanding

3.  Could not interact/play (isolated himself)

4.  Could not gesture

5   Flapped his arms as though he were in flight

6.  Temper tantrums; cried constantly

7.  Resistant to change (cried long and uncontrollably)

8.  Banged his head on objects

9.  Stimmed constantly ( esp at trees, plants, flowers, objects and items in his hands)

10.Spun himself and objects

11.Obsessed with object(s) that spin

12. Poor eating habits (ran after him to feed him)

13. No social skills

14. No emotions or personality

15. Did not laugh or show expression

16. No coordination (clumsy, could not run, would fall down when attempted)

17. No eye contact (blank staring)

18. Not potty trained ( wore diapers/pull-ups until the age of 5 years and 8 months)

19. Constipated all the time until the age of 5 years and  5 months

20. Would not sit still for more than a few seconds

21. High tolerance/high threshold for pain (would not cry)

22. Hit himself in the head or chest all the time (self-injurious behaviour)

23. Parrot talked (seldom spoke--only repeated what he heard) ECHOLALIA

24. Sensitive to sounds or loud noises

25. Stimulated by testure and temperature

26. Sucked on his articles of clothing (socks, shirts)

27. Drooled constantly (would not swallow saliva)

28. Would not follow directions

29 Played unusually with objects

30. Had to arrange things in a certain way

31. Not aware of his surroundings

32. Walked on his tip-toes

33. Bang doors and flick lights on and off

34. Slid against the walls

35. Sleepless nights

36. Sensitive to sounds (hands on ears all the time)

37.  Poor dexterity

38.  Did not what to be touched, held or cuddled

39.  Painful joints

40. mini seizures (would last a few seconds, eyes would slightly close and roll back in his head and hands would tighten.)

(The above list is from Page 8 of  "Brandon's Window")

(Page 9 and 10 of  "Brandon's Window",  Brandon After Detox: 5 years and 9 months)

Youtube video of  Brandon Before and After Detox (List of Things Brandon Learned To Do within 5 months) All documented on videos


Over 400 correlating videos can be found by clicking on this direct link http://www.youtube.com/user/lynneanthonybrandon and follow Brandon's journey through his videos in an ongoing documentary of his amazing progress. 


About Lynne M. George

This journey began when a strange twist of faith turned a once healthy, young grandmother’s world completely around.  She became permanently disabled with a debilitating back injury as the result of an automobile accident in 2003.  Her pain was 24/7, and on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain registered 15.  She had endured unrelenting back and leg pains which did not allow her to sleep, sit or stand.  She could not do small tasks such as opening doors or picking up a simple item.  Her independence was diminished.  There were times when she was on the verge of giving up, but her parents reassured her that with God’s grace, things would get better.  She learned to persevere, endure and press on for the sake of her family, and, most importantly, for her son, daughter-in-law and their two young children.  Ironically, her younger grandson, Brandon, seemed oblivious to anything.  At a stage of her suffering, she discovered something different about Brandon.  Her once precious, responsive and energetic grandson’s temperament had changed.  Soon after, he was diagnosed with autism.

Lynne's quest is to help other families with this same plight. God has given me this gift! Blessed and Be Blessed

AJ's Autism