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Brandon's Window--Reversing, Curing and Healing the Symptoms of Autism Using Natural Treatments/Autistic,  Brandon's First Piano Lesson Part 1 and 2 

Brandon's Window / Autistic, Brandon's First Piano Lesson Pt 1 and 2
25 months and 17 days after reversing from autism using natural methods, Brandon and Anthony are spending their summer months in Louisiana. (Part 1 of 2)Nanna gives Brandon his first piano lesson. Due to the fact that the autism (inflammation) affects the dexterity in his hands, Nanna teaches Brandon to play with his index finger for now. Seeing is believing! For more information, go to and get direct links to over 300 videos of my grandson Brandon's amazing progress of reversing from autism naturally. Heal the gut you can heal the brain, an autistic person becomes teachable!! (Part 2)